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I use a DLINK NAS streaming to my ps3 via dlna. Works fine for me as i maybe watch something 1-2 times a week. However, the op wants something quite a bit more robust with more storage, etc, etc. While I can get away with my litle nas, some need/desire something more powerful. thats all.
Oh so that's what he means by that,i understood finally everything great golden abyss no worries
I have my PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits (because i have a RAM limitation i didn't want any hassle with 64bits) i have it hooked up to my old Modem/router Via fast ethernet (100mbps) and i stream content on my XBOX 360 using ZUNE,so yeah it can stream 1080p 30FPS content throught wireless G+B without any difficulty,althought for 1080p 60FPS you might need Wireless N or just a straight Ethernet Cable to the media streaming device

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This statement is wrong on so many levels, and just makes me angry!
Sorry for that i misundertood the topic,i finally agree with the whole gang ;) no worries
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