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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Tim_H View Post
At least half, I know i would scale back some. Or at least not try as hard to get more points from what I have. speaking of which, On the weekend I overclocked a Xeon X3330 to 3.7GHz. Still need to work on memory timings but it'll be folding for the week. I'll look at it again on the weekend. It's getting about 60PPW
looking at that PPW it seems like it might be a little blown out of proportion that SMP+GPU folding gets much worse PPW than BIGadv. when I don't kill my computer with gaming/watching movies (which I've been doing a lot of lately) I can sustain about 28k PPD at 340 watts. that turns out to be about 82.5 PPW.
on topic for the thread, that's pretty impressive for a single person, but the reason a lot of people are probably a bit butthurt about the HPCS is because they've put their own time and money into getting a machine that can fold well and are now being nearly ignored by people who didn't have to pay anything, pretty much don't have to do anything, and did very little to get it up and running.
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