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My System Specs


Sandforce had a persistent, uncorrected error in their third-generation controllers for months. About 8 months, if I remember correctly. The result was a failure rate several times that of drives using Intel or Marvell controllers. While faster, having your drive cause BSOD repeatedly without explanation more than offsets the relatively small gains in speed.

Intel and Marvell did each have issues with their controllers, but there were two key differences. One was that the problems were not as widespread, but the other much more important factor was the speed with which a solution was acknowledged and released. Sandforce and its manufacturers denied a problem existed, then when forced by sheer volume of failures to acknowledge the problem could not fix it. Intel and Marvell, in comparison, offered immediate recognition, customer service (e.g. recalls/exchanges/refunds), and firmware fixes within days. Sandforce also does not have a good track record for correcting such issues -- it's never figured out the random disappearing drive bug in its second-generation hardware, which was so common and reproducible for some customers than manufacturers are refunding retail prices just to stop the RMA cycle.

Saying my Sandforce drives work perfectly is akin to saying I never had a fire or transmission problem with my Pinto. It may not have been as common as perceived, but it occurred at an unacceptable frequency.
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