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Yeah, definately high.

Us early adopters were willing to pay a price for the superior performance at once, but the late adopters will get the better deal, for sure.

The way I see it, Nvidia will release their cards at the same price points as AMD. I can see the Nvidia cards performing maybe 10-15% more than their equivalent AMD cards. If AMD is smart, they'll realize that they've taken as much advantage of the high price point as they can, and drop the price of their cards a little so that the price/performance is at par with Nvidia.

That being said, if Nvidia releases their high end cards first, it'll be a couple of months before their mainstream cards (650??) will be out on the market. AMD will probably keep the 7850/7870 at the current price point until Nvidia's competing cards are released.

I could realistically see the 7970/7950 dropping about $50-$75 in price.

It's a tough call. The AMD cards have a lot going for them. Chiefly in power consumption. If that's a big deal for you, I think AMD might be the way to go for you. Recently, Nvidia has had the performance crown, but AMD has been beating them in performance/Watt. Wait a couple of months and wait and see what happens with the prices. If your 5850 is serving you well now, there's no new games coming out soon that will take advantage of the new tech.

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