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My System Specs


Too bad, no one replied to you.

I was going to ask, 'which is better, MX-2 or MX4?' but I think I should just bump this thread in case somebody has anything else to add on thermal paste.

I need to buy some for trying to improve my cpu temps and I think the heat sink I'm using (TRUE) should be doing a better job.

I'm also debating buying a H60 cooler but I think that means I will need to remove the mobo but just trying to re-paste my TRUE connection, I don't have to then, right?

But, if I can't get my temps down to 30 degrees (at least) or lower, I might as well get a new heat sink and I would like to go with the closed loop cooling anyway. But, then it becomes a bit of a project. So, if I buy the H60 and the thermal paste re-application works, I could use the H60 for a new build, right? It's still good?

I just don't want to spend on shipping twice in case new thermal paste doesn't solve the problem. The other thing I could do is just buy whatever is found locally (if it's not too expensive - buying locally usually is, though).

Any advice or suggestions? 'Not sure what to do! :-/
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