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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
I agree 120 is a very good heatsink, and your right its just way too frustrating for me to mount it and unmount it, since I changed jobs and have very little time on my hands, I am hardly home for even 5hrs when I work, so removing the mobo and unmounting that bolt-thru style kit drives me crazy.

That bolt through style of mounting the heatsink is what I find hard, even after removing the mobo, you have the press really hard, and I don't even have a drill.. not that I am weak .. just hard lol..

One another prob I had was that I had lapped my heatsink, for some reason as time went on the temps started increasing, its clear it lots a little of its base hence the heatsink slightly rotates even after mounting. I added pieces of card board on top but didn't work. One more thing I have is that I need a new back plate since I had RMA the mobo, and I accidently removed that paper covering the sticky part on the heatsink, also the plastic part that leaves a slight gap btw the mobo and back plate causing a short to happen.

Sorry for the long reply, but that is my sad story
Once you remove the motherboard and install the back-plate, you shouldn't have to do it again...unless you switch to another heatsink that uses the useless push-pins again. As far as the cooler being able to turn back and forth...that's normal, but you can put washers under the screw-down increase tension on the springs. Look at this picture(which is an Ultima-90 AMD bracket..but same screws) to see the washer. If one isn't enough, put a few washers on all 4 screws.
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