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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Razamatraz View Post
This looks pretty damn nice, that said why do you need that much cooling for just one GPU and one CPU? a 240 and a 360 in separate loops seems overkill.

Edit: never mind, I can't read. Still 360 just on CPU is a lot, I doubt you get noticeably better cooling than a 240. If you could run the GPUs to the 360 and the CPU to the 240 without making a mess that would be ideal...long tangled runs though.

I think you misunderstood what I've done here. I've crossed the loops at the reservoir so the water is actually going to be shared between the CPU and GPU in one big loop! I'm not sure what I'll get for cooling, but it does solve the issue of having to drain the loops separately at maintenance time.

The issue I have right now is if I can run this loop off a single D5 pump or if I'd be better of just investing in dual D5's from the start??
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