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Well Antec 620 or an H50/H60 either of which as push/pull by ziptying a fan on it get some wicked good performance, if noise is an issue, you can if you want change out the single fan for something a little quiter like Xigmatech CLF/XLF fans or even some Scythe slipstream, Kaze, or GT fans.

To each thier own, I am not fond of the price they ask for these units, space is a concern, so there is Noctua coolers which again, I do not believe in thier asking price, but at least you have options. Noctua heatsinks are just amazingly well built, quite quiet, and some of the best aircoolers $ can buy, and a few of them are actually quite slim
such as the C14s or NH-L12 cooler.

Performance wise, the Antec units are decent, though I know a buddy that had his shortout and was quite clunky to install compared to the corsair H units. A buddy of mine built a small cardboard shim to go btween the fan and rad of his H50 and slapped another fan on its opposite side in the same fashion, the shim helped reduced alot of noise he said, and temps wise, his cooler keeps up to an H80 easily. H50 are like $45-$55 depending on where you get them, they also have the "core" units which I believe ship without fans which is no issue, and you may be able to get good cheap fans this way and still get a damn good cooler out of it :)
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