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I think the main problem actually is that they wanted to answer the question of the reapers and they only left themselves 5 minutes to do. I would have been happy if they didnt necesarily answer it. The Reapers are mysterious in their nature, I personally always imagined them as a creation of a extinct race in a war with another extinct race and then they gained awareness and went crazy. Then over the millennia their code just mutated and the cycle began. And if Harbinger ever did know why they existed hed long forgotten. Some things are better left to the imagination, you dont need to tie everything up in a little bow. No mumbo jumbo about agents of order and the pattern of the universe.

Quite honestly I dont know how a ME4 could work now, the relays were so essential to the galaxy, not to mention all the krogans eating everyone theories that are floating about right now.
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