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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
wouldn't it just be easier to stick with the 120, which is an excellent heatsink? by difficult to maneuver, do you mean that it doesn't fit in your case, or it's difficult to mount?
I agree 120 is a very good heatsink, and your right its just way too frustrating for me to mount it and unmount it, since I changed jobs and have very little time on my hands, I am hardly home for even 5hrs when I work, so removing the mobo and unmounting that bolt-thru style kit drives me crazy.

That bolt through style of mounting the heatsink is what I find hard, even after removing the mobo, you have the press really hard, and I don't even have a drill.. not that I am weak .. just hard lol..

One another prob I had was that I had lapped my heatsink, for some reason as time went on the temps started increasing, its clear it lots a little of its base hence the heatsink slightly rotates even after mounting. I added pieces of card board on top but didn't work. One more thing I have is that I need a new back plate since I had RMA the mobo, and I accidently removed that paper covering the sticky part on the heatsink, also the plastic part that leaves a slight gap btw the mobo and back plate causing a short to happen.

Sorry for the long reply, but that is my sad story
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