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I think the issue with many of the reviews is that they kind of gloss over the ending. A lot of them think that well since 95% of the game was great, it shouldn't matter how bad the ending is, which as someone who has played all 3 games multiple times can say is certainly not true. In something like this the end really does matter very much and I just don't see how people can defend it. Also a lot of the people I do see defend it either a) only have played ME3 or b) haven't played it at all.

There is also the fact that we were told that we would have answers and everything would be wrapped up in a nice neat little bow, but of course we got none of that. I really do think that the only way to really "fix" this is to go with the attempted indoctrination theory and have us getting pulled out of some rubble by our team mates after the laser blast. At least then we could maybe get a good fight. I would love to see the normandy come down and put the final blast on harbinger, after a nice talk with him first and of course then the giant fleet battle. It really should have been a bit closer to the take earth back trailer or something like that for a final fight.
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