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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
But I dont know if a simple new ending would be good enough for me at this point, it would need to be a total rewrite. Nothing about the ending as is is remotely satisfying, you dont get to save anderson, cereberus still makes absolutely no sense, reapers make no sense. Its going to be increadably hard to please me at this point. On the upside I'm considering trying my hand at writing my own ending, starting at the point just before harbinger comes down to earth.
Agreed. I don't think this can be (easily) fixed for anyone who played all 3 games. And I doubt they'd be able to do any fix in a short time, short of an DA:0 epilog summary.

I didn't agree with the Rock, Paper, Shotgun review. But a single play through of each game, suggests why some people didn't object to the ending. Their gameplay was limited. I wonder how many of the glowing reviews were actually completed right up to the credits and blue world finish.
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