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Lightbulb Console gaming to you!?

Hello everyone,inclusing the legendary moderator SoulTribunal,which i'm not sure if he's going to lock this,but anyway we're giving it a shot
The topic pretty much explains the rest,being a hardware forum i think that most of you (like 99% or so) are PC gamers in general,and some of them are to the point where they wish they could have a PS3 or a 360 in their hands to burn and watch that wacky GPU fall appart
so yeah the main question is do you play on console?And do you consider console gaming something really worth to try?And so where do you prefer to play on PC or console? And if some of you happen to play on console,is it XBOX360 or PlayStation 3?(if you're playing on PS2 then pretty much go home )
Thanks in advance for replies
My answer to this:Well console gaming has been too much important to me,when gaming was in his stone ages,the old-school side of things,console was the only way to go,PPL were having so much fun with Mario,sonic and so much titles,i actually own an XBOX 360 Slim since a year,and i never regret it,enough nice graphics,very robust,very solid feeling controller,great community,with some skilly geeks here and there,and EXCLUSIVE titlesthat just blow away any player,GOW,there's Fable (finally on PC) Halo,there's the very demanded by PC gamers,Forza with its 500 cars and almost 100 hours of lifetime,and more other intresting titles coming on the XBOX this fall,there's also Kinect which is just AMAZING,it was the best accessory i bought for my XBOX,next to the racing wheel that i use in Forza 4,
BUT with all these intresting features console gaming had never been able to take over my heart,my first real gaming hours i spent were in Return to castle wolfenstein,and since then i keep upgrading it,keep waiting for thos titles that come to PC like dozens of months later (like Mirror's Edge,Assassin's Creed,and L.A noire,pretty much a partial console port),in the goal of enjoying far more better graphics,better gameplay with the keyboard and mouse,and my native resolution which is something rare to happen in console,where 720p (except for COD whcih aims 60FPS) is the general law
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