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Wow. I completely missed the fact that they ripped off the original deus ex's endings. Compeltely. as in word for word type of thing. Thing is they made sense in that game, though blowing everything up is really the only option that ever really made sense to me in that game as well (thats a me thing not a game thing). And you got different cutscenes for each as well, not just different colors.

And I disagree with the rock paper shotgun take on it, the ending was bad and wrong and cannot be defended.

But I dont know if a simple new ending would be good enough for me at this point, it would need to be a total rewrite. Nothing about the ending as is is remotely satisfying, you dont get to save anderson, cereberus still makes absolutely no sense, reapers make no sense. Its going to be increadably hard to please me at this point. On the upside I'm considering trying my hand at writing my own ending, starting at the point just before harbinger comes down to earth.

I read that summation of what was supposedly suppose to happen and really its not much better to be honest. If I'm reading the correct thing and I think I am. You just get harbinger instead of the kid.

And to me personally the indoctrination theory makes no sense. Shepard hasnt been anywhere near reapers long enough to become a high functioning indoctrinated slave, he comes across one for 5 minutes at a time and then promptly blows it up.
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