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Default supposedly, the original ending concept

Came across this link today and it makes a lot of sense. I don't know how true it is, but it does sound a lot like the ending that all the hype promised and it matches many of the choices in the game. And considering what we got was just 3 colored variations, implies BioWare rushed the ending to meet the promised release day.

The post is by POKRFACE and you have to click on the SPOILER: SHOW link to open the comments, which starts:

After checking these boards, bioware forums, the twitters of various people involved with the game, audio file rips as well as some information I've gathered from other sources, I decided to talk with someone who used to run their own review website who still has ties to some people in the video game industry. That includes Bioware (they had sent him early review copies of the first ME). Anyway that's not what's important. The point is what I'm about to say you can take with a grain of salt if you want. I'm not here for attention or because I'm a fanboy of bioware. I'm simply here to help you all make sense of this situation. It will make a lot of sense and put the little things you've all found together. The reasoning for the ending change was they needed more time to implement it (this was supposed to be the reason for the delay) but Kinect implementation and the desire by some people (perhaps EA) to have an ending where things are left to interpretation messed with this. The ending was quickly altered which is why things don't "fit" and there are plot holes. Anyway, below is how things were supposed to happen.

Mass Effect 3 (Launch day on page 23, link in first post) - Please Tag all Spoilers - Ars Technica OpenForum
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