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Default ssd, worth it? if so, which one?

i currently have a western digital caviar blue 500gb hdd and i was thinking of upgrading to a ssd, i dont do much other than game and surf the web, my question is, would buying a ssd be worth it? how much increase in game performance could i see? i know fast drives are good for recording games with fraps (and other programs) which i might do a little of, but mainly i plan on just playing Gw2 (a mmo, idk if that means anything just wondering) and if getting an ssd is worth it, which one should i get? (i would need to clone my data off my hardrive to the ssd so a company that can do that would be nice) my maximum price is about 180$ and i would need around 200gb - 250gb

Ty for your time and Cthulhu bless you all
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