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Originally Posted by Ed103194 View Post
I agree with what supafly said, sound quality may be decent, but a good stereo headset will produce the same positioning effect as a 10 driver one, this is why you dont see sennheiser advertising the 7.1 crap and still get awesome reviews for their headsets.

I disagree, I had the opportunity to test out 2 different sennheiser, and would not take any over my aging 5.1 baracudas. The sennheiser sound great for a music and an audiphile there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about it.

I was always having to look behind my soldier in shooters because I can't tell what is behind me. Did that silenced sniper shot come from behind me cross from my right to left, or was it more straight behind me only slight to the left of me. Its not really something I can tell with stereo even with the positional effect, but I can with the barracudas.
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