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My System Specs


You can build a tower (no monitor or OS) for under $400 that will be a very powerful web browsing machine for at least 2-3 years. Just think a bit more about what exactly you expct from it as that helps with budge builds.


Do I need an i3-2100, or could I be just as happy with the Celeron G530? Go with the fast newer processor... more energy efficient, quieter, longer life span

Do I need 4GB ram, or 8GB... 4 GB, it's super easy to upgrade later and 4GB is more than enough currently.

How much HDD do I need? Could I have just an SSD? If your current storage useage doesn't change, just go get a 60GB SSD... you can always throw a cheap HDD In later if you need more storage space.

What is the difference between H61/H67/HM67 motherboards? Not sure.... features of the chipset mainly.

Should I run 32-bit, or 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium?
64 bit is needed if you ever want more than 4GB of ram... future proof? No downside if the cost is the same

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