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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
crystalfontz comes to mind but kinda looks a temp / fan moniter screen ......what happens with powering it up via floppy connector .....does screen give any info molex is the output power
Its definitely not a fan/temp controller, i seem to remember multiple programmable screens (think EQ, processor usage, etc etc etc).

When i power it up in a system the backlight turns on the first character blinks like a cursor. Windows update installs a driver "FT232R USB UART" which then becomes a Usb serial port. At that point, im left with an unknown usb device, which im assuming is the display controller itself. Can't get beyond that point

Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
no printed data on the lower circuit board ?
The only i found is "2004C" and "0640" on the back of the LCD PCB itself (third picture). Nothing on the first (main) PCB except for "LCB USB interface board"

That main PCB also has the following jumpers: Boot (closed), Clean (Closed) and PGM (all open, 6 pins in a 3x2 grid).
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