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My System Specs


I have the h100 and mine was noisy as shit when I first got it. I could hear air bubbles trapped somewhere in the pump. The noise would only go away after i pick up my computer and spin and tip it in every angle for the air bubbles to become released from where ever they were trapped. It seems to have worked itself out over time which is what they said on the forums. Corsair did approve RMA but I was too lazy to pack it up and repaste my cpu and all that so I decided to just tuff it out. With all that being said I still get ok temps... maybe they should be better though..... IDK. 70C after 8 hours in prime95 @ 4.4ghz with the i5 2500k.

TBH I wish I bought something like the XSPC Rasa240 kit. I wouldnt buy another H100 as there are many many problem posts on the corsair forums with the h80 and h100.

Just thought I would share my 2 cents with you.
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