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My System Specs


Part 2:

Hard Drives.

Hi everyone, before I start thereīs two things you need to know; first, some hard drives have ventilation holes on top (mostly WD drives) and some donīt (mostly Seagate drives), this doesnīt mean you canīt paint them but you have to be very carefull, if you use the right paint (acrylic) you wonīt cover the hole as it does not create a "coat" if you will, therefore not covering the hole, remember to paint in a sideways manner so paint doesnīt go directly in the hole as a drip could cover the hole. Secondly, i think this is pretty obvious but this WILL invalidate your warrantee.

That said, letīs start.

First we have to remove all stickers, you can if you wish to keep a more retail look, leave them on and just cover them with masking tape and detailing tape, but for the purpose of the tutorial I will be removing them.

Hereīs the tricky part, if itīs not a new drive, chances are that itīs dirty so we have to clean it. We also donīt want to use sanding paper as we donīt want to create any sort of electrostatic energy on the surface of the drive, just in case. So what we do is using a bit of cotton with a drop of alcohol, we clean the drive as best as we can.

Really the paint process is the same as when painting the dvd drive, thereīs a few changes however. We have to cover certain surfaces that while paint wont go anywhere near it, itīs more for safety and getting clean lines.

For this I use masking tape, not detailing tape as it has to adjust to the surface which isnīt plain or straight so detailing tape isnīt great for it.

Now we aply primer, remember, for tips and what paint types to use refer to the main tutorial thread indicated on the first post of this thread.

Give it 20 minutes and we can aply the first coat of the chosen color. Wait another 20-30 minutes and aply the second coat. 40 minutes later you can aply the clear coat lacquer for protection.

Give it 24h so it can cure...

Remove the masking tape and...

...youīre done!

Next post will be a Lamptron FC3 controller, Iīve chosen this one as the design is basic and the guide should aply to most fan controllers.
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