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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Well using the official Auction house only gives you cash towards Blizzard stuff. It's more like getting a store credit than actual cash.
Not correct at all...... unless they've gone through major changes that slipped under my radar.

You have the option of cashing out money to paypal directly after a sale on the RMAH. You can chose to cash it out or put it into your 'blizzard bucks' account. They key to this is that you cannot just save up money on your blizzard account then cash it out. You have to chose if you are going to cash it out to paypal or put it into your blizzard account right at the point of sale. If the money goes into the blizzard account it cannot be cashed out and has to be spend either in a blizzard game or in the blizzard store.

Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I want the game so I can start as soon as the servers are running , I miss the rush in D2 when ladder reset happens and then just a huge rush of players trying to level . but by the looks of things I won't be playing he first day. I am wondering even if they are going to have Ladders with hard core softcore
I'm not sure how ladders worked in d2 but they have decided to remove PvP for the launch of the game and will be including it in the first major patch. I'm sure there will be ladders.
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