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Well first thing I will say is this part;
So we designed Mass Effect 3 to be a series of endings to key plots and storylines, each culminating in scenes that show you the consequences of your actions
Is such a lie, we have played it and I don't see the endings of key plots and storylines. Well unless that is the destruction of galactic civilization as everyone knows it. And yes that should be an ending, if you fail, but it certainly should not be the "best" ending. So again Mr. Hudson, you are not even coming close to addressing what fans have been complaining about.

Now that said there is a little glimmer of hope in this next quote from it;
So where do we go from here? Throughout the next year, we will support Mass Effect 3 by working on new content. And we’ll keep listening, because your insights and constructive feedback will help determine what that content should be. This is not the last you’ll hear of Commander Shepard.
I can only hope that they look at the suggestions and really run with some of the fan ideas out there, maybe such as the indoctrination idea. Just please give us something. And that brings me to one last point, they need to give away any DLC that affects the ending. Will I consider buying DLC for ME3, yes, but only if they fix those last 10 minutes and allow our choices to matter again.

So come on Mr. Hudson, show us that you can deliver on your promises and give us the closure that we all wanted with endings that follow the ME universe and show us what actually happens. And if they are smart about it there will be a really good ending and not so good endings, all the way to a really bad lose everything ending. Just remember Mr. Hudson, they have to make sense and represent the choices made over the last 3 games.
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