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My System Specs

Question Mouse weight system or not?

As the title pretty much reveals my question, is an adjustable weight system in a gaming mouse recommended or not for fps gamers?

I figured that when you buy a new mouse you will most likely get used to itīs weight eventually and prevent yourself from lifting it up accidentally because of your experience with the mouse, but on the other hand i can imagen that making a mouse heavier can make it easier to keep it on the table and to aim steadier when sniping.

As i am doubting between the SteelSeries Ikari Laser and the Logitech G500 i wanted to ask you which you think is best of choice and why.

Also i would like to question one last thing wich is the following. The Ikari goes up to 3200 dpi max and the G500 goes up to 5700 dpi max, what is preferred for fps gaming?

Greets, JeroxBleHellsing.
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