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Default my 2cents

i just registered to put my bit in.

I have got the av40's and the krk5's

the krk's a very dry in the upper range and no matter the tweaking do not sound natural and warm ( have had them for over half a year so had plenty of burn in ).

the av40's tweeters are lovely warm and pleasant with no fatiguing unlike the krks witch do.

the humming is only heard when your close and put your ear to the speaker with the av40's and is not a problem for me.

the krk's have a louder slight static sound coming from the tweeter when not receiving a signal and also hum with nothing plugged into them. also i think the krks have a quality control problem as I have had to send one speaker back as the amp was louder and hummed a lot more then the other one.

Overall the av40's are a lot more pleasant to listen to with music due to the warm sounding tweeters.

I use X-Fi Titanium HD and poppule PCM1796 dac so I have chopped and changed and the same conclusion came from both.
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