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Default Define Optimized

Optimized in this case is relative. What is your definition of the word? in this case senario that is.

Your speeds will increase in time as you have seen stated in the Intel Videos you say you watched.

Optimizing the longevity is a deferent aminal. And in most cases a bit "Obsesive Compulsive". Most people update their systems on average every 3yrs. so trying to "Optimize" an SSD to allow longevity is a misnomer for any realist anyway. but most uninformed do it anyway.

I have the SSD you have on the same OS you have. I installed it and installed an HDD 1T drive for programs and left it at that. You say "Truely Optimized" as if you do not trust Intel, Microsoft or the other manufactures invovled in the system you have. I find that interesting and so I believe would most Anylist of the Intelectual kind.
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