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My System Specs

Default How do I check to confirm that my 320 Series 160Gb SSD is truly optimized?

How do I check to confirm that my 320 Series 160Gb SSD is truly optimized after installation?

I have read Intel Forums FAQ... viewed the 3 videos on SSD and im still unsure about if my recently installed Intel 320 Series 160GB is optimized to work smoothly and with top reading and writing speeds.

I am running Windows 7 Home 64-bit. I understand that TRIM sets itself automatically, and also that Win 7 disables automatic defragging(not good for SSDs)

1. Is the Windows 7 the best driver for Intel 320? OR ...
2. does anyone recommend to install the Intel driver?
2.1 If so how do I install the Intel one?

The highest read-write speeds achieved checked with CrystalDiskMark are:

Seq Read: 250.1 Mb/s Write 171.2 Mb/s
512 K 129.7 172.0
4 K 19.85 38.87
4 K QD32 21.05 56.87

I would like opinions about the read-write numbers above. How do they fare against other 320 users in here.

I would appreciate specific instructions to better optimize the 320 should it need further tinkering with.

Thank you

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