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Default New Heatsink

I am thinking of buying a new heatsink, since my mobo is back.. I did have the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, but maneuvering this heatsink is too much time consuming, plus they are heatsinks out there that perform better for lesser value...

This time a direct heat pipe touching one:

Xigmatek HDT-S1283

Kingwin RVT-12025D and Kingwin RVT-12025 the only difference is one is a tower style heatsink and the other like the good old XP-90 style heatsink.
Kingwin RVT-9225

The only difference in the 9225 and 12025 is that the 12025 is a newer version of HDT technology coolers.
I really still attract the 12025 and 12025D (this one more because it blows air towards the mobo for hot motherboards)..

OCZ Vendetta 2

Now all I need from you guys is input on which to go for, now since I don't have much time because of work keeping damn good busy, I need your help in picking out the major differences and which to go for.

Offcourse same deal as most of you, overclock or play games, intel processor require some cooling.

Thanks :rolleyes:
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