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Originally Posted by hohohee View Post
320gb slim

i was playing my ps3 on saturday night from 9pm to 1am then 30min break shutting it down...... then play again then it was morning! play till 2 pm.

thats like 17 hours! with just one 30min break. i play many game including starhawk but mostly modnation creating tracks.... freaking time consuming without knowing the time.

the morning start out pretty warm here too making the room warm-hot early in the morning like starting 7:20 its freaking warm. no ac.

so yeah 17 hours of playing! with 30min break.

so now i start to see artifact on the graphic while playing motorstorm like the vehicle is pixelated with blue/red color. then it just back to normal by itself after a few min. after that i was pretty scared then decided to turn the ps3 off to cool it down.

i wont be turning my ps3 on for another 48 hours just to be in the safe side

my question:
once a ps3 is experiencing graphic artifact for the first time due to overheating, will it contunue to experience it? will it cause a scar? you know when human fell down and got scratch by something and it has a chance to be a scar having mark stain permanently? will ps3 be like that?
What type of cooling do you have for the ps3? Is it shoved into a hole or does it have room to breathe?
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