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Asus RMA is giving me problem. :(

My 7970 in the 4th slot started artifacting like crazy 3 days ago, so I had to take it out, since they did accept the RMA. I was reeeaaally careful, and without applying any pressure, the cheap PCIe plastic latch exploded in pieces. Now that PCIe slot is not working anymore. Probably the mobo that broke the GPU, or the opposite. I don't know. I change/sell my GPUs so often, and never had any problems with those latch...

But Asus are refusing the mobo RMA since ''physical damage = you're screwed'' for them. 50 cents cheap plastic latch broken = we can't help you. You have to pay for repairs. Sorry dude. You're screwed.

Top-of-the-line ROG motherboard. My first Rampage IV caught on fire after 10 minutes and burned a 3930k with it. And now the 2nd one had a bad/weak 50 cents plastic latch on the 4th PCIe slot, but they are using this to refuse my RMA.

500$ mobo broken, 3 months old. No RMA because of a cheap 50 cents latch that was weak and broke in pieces. Not a broken capacitor! A stupid plastic latch...

Here's the info:

-Asus Rampage IV Extreme
-SN: BBM0AC058252
-Case ID = WTM20120315529321467