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And this is were I'm gaming in glorious 4K resolution. :)

4K projector on a 8 feet wide screen.

Main room (dedicated HT). Totally acoustically measured and treated by an acoustician. Not a single LED in the room to break my ANSI CR. Dedicated electrical line and dedicated electrical panel. 6X 20A to power everything. 7X 325w for 7 speakers and 2X 325w for to subs. :)

Projector in the back of the room. You can see the lens. Projector was professionnally calibrated.

There is 4 bass-shakers in each sitting places.

4 way masking system at 2.35:1

And some pictures I took of a 4K movie on my 8 feet wide screen.

Much better then any 3X30" LCDs or 5X screens out there. :) Gaming in true 7.1 surround, in a totally black room, on 8 feet wide screen is simply crazy.

Those are 8 feet wide in reality!

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