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My System Specs


You want to make sure the SSD is set to use AHCI which can be forced on after the fresh install, and best to have it set to 4k format, also once installed do set the paging files correctly for all drives that will be in the system(tends to keep things faster) disable compression, defrag for the SSD and in my case I made sure prefetch and superfetch were also turned off (they serve next to no benefit for an SSD anyways) also do make sure TRIM is enabled there is a really easy way to double check this.

Now if you want the SSD to keep its speed for far longer, things like Favorites, pictures, even most documents really do not need to be on the SSD they see next to no benefit of it anways, you can put those on your secondary drive, it will keep as much crud off the SSD so it keeps its speed longer. While you are at it, you can even set partitions for your mechanical drive to make the most of the speed it has. Example a partition set for the paging file in the fastest portion of the mechnical drive, another partition set for drives and such etc. I know my caviar black is nowhere near the speed of my agility 3, but the partitioning of the CB 640 does help it alot, and rarely do I notice it "looking" for what I want it to open.

Hope this helps some :)
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