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Default What happened to hard drive prices?!

I've been out of the computer hardware knowledge game for a little bit now and I'm looking at maybe getting a second drive for my system now because I'm running low on space and don't want to burn a stack of discs. I'm looking at just a plain Jane internal SATA drive and holy crap what happened with the prices? Newegg and NCIX for example I'm having a hard time finding anything cheaper than $80 or $90...and that's for about 300GB. I seem to recall that just last year you could get a terabyte drive for that much in some cases. I understand the SATA 3 and SATA 6 capabilities now but wow I would have thought you could find a hard drive cheaper than that now. I have a motherboard capable of taking advantage of SATA3 (specs in sig are out of date) but honestly don't want to shell out $80 for a relatively small drive. Does anyone know of any good deals?
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