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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Was I the only one that was disappointed Mordin dies to cure the genophage. He was one of, if not, my favourite character.

While I do wish there was some way to allow him to live and cure the genophage, I do like the way they handled his death. I liked how afterward talking to your crew they talked about him and acted at least a bit like they were in mourning.

Oh and now that I have the collectors edition guide, I have found out what the "default" choices would be if you have never played ME before. And I tell you what a different game than any of the ones I have done. Frankly I feel sorry for anyone just starting fresh without any imports.

Mass Effect 1 Default Choices
  • Characters Recruited: Garrus, Wrex
  • No DLC or sidequests are counted.
  • The Asari Shiala is killed by the Thorian.
  • The Rachni Queen is killed.
  • The colony on Feros is not saved.
  • Wrex is killed on Virmire.
  • Shepard does not enter into any romantic relationships.
  • The Council is killed, with the ship the Destiny Ascension, during the attack on the Citadel.
  • Udina is appointed Counselor.
Mass Effect 2 Default Choices
  • No DLC, sidequests or Loyalty Missions are counted toward Mass Effect 3. This includes two DLC exclusive characters, Zaeed and Kasumi, who count as never being recruited.
  • Tali is exiled from the Migrant Fleet.
  • Shepard does not enter into any romantic relationships. Again.
  • Grunt is not recruited.
  • Legion is not recruited, and no choice is made for the Geth.
  • Samara is never recruited. She is killed by Morinth trying to escape from Ilium.
  • Suicide Mission Survivors: Mordin, Jacob, Garrus, Tali and Miranda.
  • Suicide Mission Survivors (Normandy Crew): Joker and Chakwas. All other crew members are considered killed.
  • Suicide Mission Deaths: Jack, and Thane.
  • The Collector Base is destroyed.
  • Although the DLC is not considered completed by Shepard, the events still occured. The Batarian System is destroyed, and Liara is the Shadow Broker.

Oh yea, and with those choices, there is no way to get the so called "perfect" end without MP. You just would not be able to amass enough war assets to pull it off.
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