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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
It really depends on what you're doing with the machine. If you're just want a computer to use with zero hassle, then just buying a Mac is fine. Now if you want a more flexible Mac Pro that isn't top of the line but not bottom of the line either, Hackintosh could be the way to go. I mean if you want to configure an ITX i7 with 16GB of RAM, you have to go Hackintosh. Finally, you can do minor / incremental upgrades to your Hackintosh while you may need to buy a new Mac.

As for user experience, I'm pretty indifferent. My Hackintosh operates 98% of a regular Mac except I can't put it to sleep without the thing locking up. Another problem is wireless as Mac OS doesn't support a whole lot of them, I end up just getting a TP-Link wireless client and plug it in. Some people want the experience of building their own Hackintosh just like people who buy parts and build their own PC. It's like people that would build a V8 Miata than just go buy a stock Civic DX. Same price, completely different thing.

In regards to old Mac laptop functioning better than old PC laptop, that's probably because the way their OS works. Don't forget that Mac OS tend to be lighter weight. The new OSX whatever Kitty will not support older CD machines while Windows will. Sure you can argue that the old specs will run Win7 like crap but at least it will still run and receive updates. I seriously doubt Mac will release critical updates once they moves on to a new OS.
nicely said.. agree with most except the last part about C2D, i was comparing the same config in macbook and in the compaq i had.

the macbook was still used 2 years after i had given away the compaq, the specs were very similiar

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