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Here is an article covering it and the author spells it out quite well.

Most are upset for a simple reason – the Mass Effect 3 ending as it stands provides no details on what ultimately happens to the characters players have bonded with in the series, and Shepard himself seems oddly out of character when he accepts that there are only 3 choices to deal with the fate of the galaxy. While the other two games emphasized that the player’s choices made a huge impact in the galaxy, the ending of the third game takes nothing into account but your war assets – a simple numerical number.
‘Mass Effect 3′ Fans Petition For New Game Ending | Game Rant

At least that is well written, although there is another one out there that points at all of us as whiners and that we all just wanted some happy go lucky ending. Not going to link to it as it is obvious that the person who wrote it never even researched in the slightest why people are upset.

Oh and I knew that this would not be it for the Mass Effect universe, hell it says that right out in the last page of the collectors edition prima guide, but like mentioned you could still give this trilogy a proper ending. Other games are easy to do in that universe whether within that same time frame or maybe as a prequel with the first contact wars or how about in the future as I mentioned before. All of these ideas would have worked and still can work without this crap ending. Actually if you ask me they all could have worked much better had we been given a real ending.
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