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First off, anyone who "genuinely" believes that Bioware was planning on making this the finale is crazy. It's like how Halo 3 was technically supposed to be the end of the "trilogy", but it still left it open ended to prepare for any returns to the series. It had a few spinoff games, and now we're getting Halo 4 + two future games in the "Reclaimer" trilogy as they call it.

The only difference is that the Halo 3 ending gave closure. It pretty much resolved everything. The war was over, the bad guys are (supposedly) dead. Sure, our greatest soldier is (not really) dead, but whatever, all for the sake of peace.

The ME3 ending though? So many unresolved issues. Even considering the common elements of all 3 endings (the relays going kaboom), there's no real closure as to what happens at all. And why? So they can just make ME4-6 a couple years from now.

But first they'll probably make ME: ODST. And then ME: Reach. Maybe a RTS game or two.
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