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It just bugs me as never before in 3 decades of gaming has an ending ruined what was basically three great games building on each other to lead up to what should have been the battle of all time and we get just shat on.

I wanted to play it with all of the imports I had sitting and waiting but I just don't see that happening. Hell I got the collectors edition and ordered the collectors edition of the guide, I mean I actually invested a fair chunk of change into this game and after playing it through, I just don't know if I can play it again like I had planned. Maybe I will play it up till the final missions and end there, because up till then it was just amazing. But then again knowing that nothing I do really matters it is hard to get into it. Seriously why the hell did I unite the Geth and Quarians, if only to wipe them out and strand the rest?

Man, I have seen lots of bad endings per say, but never have I seen something with so much promise go so wrong. Never before have I bitched like this about one as never before have I had so much time invested into characters only to be shown that none of it matters. Oh and I'm sorry but this was originally written as a full trilogy, you can not tell me that this is how they wanted to end it originally. I just don't see that, I do see this as EA getting their dirty fingers into what should have been a terrific end to one of the best trilogies ever, yet they just wanted more money and felt the need to destroy. It would have been so easy to provide DLC, and future Mass Effect games, and still give this trilogy a full and proper ending.
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