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Looked rushed to me. Same ending, 3 different colors? Nothing seemed to fit the game play. Ditto on the synthetics - organics.

The ending **may** have been an adequate nihilist type or hard ending if ME 3 had been just a single game. But as the culmination of the series it's quite poor. It doesn't answer any questions and actually raises more questions in my mind. All those discussions with Harbinger in the first two games and silence in the 3rd; I was expecting some confrontation with Harbinger or 'answers' or something. Then there's the technical issues that have been brought up by those who examined the original leaked files and those files suggest a different ending. Was it rushed? Did they change it because of the leak? Plus the whole MP 'not needed' part for a 'good' SP game.

A disappointing ending for all the game time invested, especially with all the hype about it satisfying most people.
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