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My problems with the ending.

For the entire game I was UNITING the galaxy, I got old enemies to stand side by side with century old enemies, I got the Krogan and the Turians to work together, hell I got the Quarians and the Geth to work together and be better for it. Yet the ending choices completely and utterly destroy any form of galatic community. You have these huge fleets of every race sitting now above earth and you destroy the mass relays.

AND if you want to pick the sensible choice, the choice that you've been building towards for the entire damn game, destruction of the Reapers you also have to destroy the Geth AND the relays. And EDI. And for some reason the Normandy is flying through a mass relay at the time of their destruction rather than fighting the reapers.....

Synthesis also made no sense to me. As stated you've been working extremely hard throughout the 3 games to save the galaxy, you've seen the good and bad of each race, you've seen what makes each tick. And now, now the game wants you to destroy that and make everyone robots. No. Not on my watch.

As for control. The only way I see this working is if Shepard takes control and then just screams DIE! as he dies with them. But in my playthrough there was no way my shepard was going to complete the illusive mans work. As really I dont see the Reapers being subserviant to Humans or any race for very long.

I also didnt like the catalyst itself. Entire synthetics kill organics argument made no sense for reasons stated above in image form. And after having EDI on your crew and the way the Geth were assisting the Quarians it made even less sense. There are more in detail reasons that I will go into at a later date but I'm sick and need to go to class today.
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