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Default My 2 Mountain Mods build.

Main rig

4X Asus 7970 Quad-Fire with EK-FC7970 waterblocks EN-nickel Acetal.

EK waterblock (EN nickel-plexi) on Rampage IV with 16Gb of G.Skill DDR3-2400 CL7. Using 2 PSU in there: Antec HCP-1200 with Corsair AX850. 4 pumps MCP655 total. And lots of radiators: 2X Quad-120mm in the Pedestal, 3X Triple-120 in front and 2X XSPC Dual-120 on top.

Pedestal 24 under my MM Extended Ascension.

3X30'' LCD with Quad-Fire 4X 7970 set-up at 7680x1600



AVP. That picture is not good because it's a really dark scene, and didn't set-up my tripod# So it was a ''handheld twilight'' shot.

Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033 at 7680X1600.

And my second build: kids computer, for LAN gaming. Finally had some spare time to finish that build for my kids.

Mountain Mods U2-UFO (with alot of DIY and modding), Maximus IV + i7 2600K at 5.1 24/7, 16Gb of RAM, AMD 7970.

Had to DIY the top to fit a 2X120mm XSPC rad.

Had to also mod the other side to fit a 1X140mm rad over the HDD.

Modded top view.

Front view.

Everything working view. :)

Big thanks to Daz at Dazmode for the help and patience. :)
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