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First things first , I wrote out a full response and then hit back by accident and lost it all, dammit!!

Ok on to the problems with what was one of the greatest games I have played, up till the final 10 minutes.

The choices were only 3, didn't depend on your alliances with everyone and all result in two major things death for Shepard and the destruction of the relays. In other words total destruction of a good chunk of the galaxy and reducing what is left to being stuck without any relays.

I'm not saying that Shepard should necessarily live, but I do think that there should be an actual ending. I want to know how the Quarians and Geth are getting along, same with the Krogan and Turrians, what about Thessia, the Asari homeworld, is that ok? And really what about earth, how much is left? But really more important than all of that is my squad mates, I mean they left it at nothing, we really know nothing.

And that brings me to part of the endings that makes no sense whatsoever, why was the Normandy running away? They were fighting over earth, and then all of a sudden they are in the mass effect field running away. And then they crash onto some unknown world and they get out, and there lies in another problem. Why is someone, in my case Ashley, who was with me right up to the point of getting blasted by the reaper, all of a sudden on the Normandy? And if Joker did for some reason sweep down and grab them, why only them? Why not the others? And why swoop down in the first place?

As you can see there are just too many plot holes in the endings. Give us a DLC with say just one more choice, refuse. Just like in this link: Choose Language | BioWare Social Network
Then based on how you have done and how many alliances you have and such, you could live or die, but at least it could be an ending. Hell make it so that you really have to have basically everyone there to win, but make it winnable. Hell maybe even attack that stupid kid AI and see what happens. Remember he is the one controlling them.

I just want to see me and my squad celebrating with a few drinks around the card table in the lounge talking about how that battle is done and how we can finally start taking back worlds. Or if I died, they could be there celebrating my life or something like that. Hell there could be an epilogue of me and my LI settling down or something, but you just can't leave it the way it is with nothing resolved.

The whole time leading up to this game Bioware talked about how this wraps things up and answers all the questions and gives us a definitive end, yet this does nothing of the sort. I just can't help but think EA hand their hands in this to make a ME4. And the thing is, there could easily be a ME4 with a proper ending occurring in ME3. We do never know what is out there and maybe there is another big threat down the road. Hell have ME4 a few hundred years in the future and you could have damn near anything happen. But it would allow us to have a full and complete proper ending in ME3 without some stupid half crew stranded somewhere while the galaxy burns from all the destroyed relays.

Edit: Yes supposedly Shepard can live but it is only a couple second clip of some N7 armor in the rubble and then you see it move and that is it. So no, that doesn't count.
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