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First off, Shepard can live. Somehow. That was confirmed.

Second, every single ending using the exact same ******* cutscene, only they change the colors. So much for variation. Bioware quality right there.

Third, no matter what ending you pick, you essentially **** over galactic civilization. All of the relays going kaboom? Fun times, looks like it'll take decades for these ships to get back home now, if even that.

So the endings themselves,

Destroy all synthetics, which also consists of destroying the geth, the citadel, the relays, etc. Considered the "renegade" option because it consists of genocide. Uh huh.

Control the reapers, which also apparently consists of destroying all the relays, and it heavily implies through dialogue that you don't control the reapers, but they control you. Apparently the "Paragon" option because you "don't" commit genocide.

And Synthesis:

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Oh, and you destroy all the relays. And Joker and EDI probably get their freak on. And this is supposed to be the "neutral" ending?

Quite frankly I was just let down by the direction they took with the endings. They threw out a LOT of the established canon from ME1 and outright ignored plot points they made in ME2.

That entire thing about Dark Matter that was heavily implied and made a big deal in the first two games? Nope, guardian child thing replaced that with the "Synthetics who kill organics to stop the organics from making synthetics who will kill the other synthetics".

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