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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jodiuh View Post
I had some Klipsch 4.1's for a long time, then went w/ headphones for awhile. Sometime last month, I got the kick for a decent set of speakers that wouldn't eat up lots of the A2's. At first, I balked @ the price and grabbed some Creative T40 Series II's for 1/2 the cost. They sucked. Swapped em out for the AV40's and those were MUCH better. But there's a definite mid bass bump to compensate for their lack of low end extension. They just don't go low...not enough to feel anyway. It really bothered me in movies. I knew there were missing something. It was like a tease.

So after much research, I found myself @ Guitar Center auditioning the KRK Rokit RP5's and 6's. While listening to Derezzed off the Tron soundtrack, it became quite clear the 6's were the way to go. When the bass line hit again in the middle, the 5's sort of lost the rest of the track. The 6's kept the low end, hit deeper, and the other nuances of the song remained intact. They had a larger sweet spot and bass I could feel.

I had considered the Swan M50w's and the M200 MKII's as well, but from the hours and hours of research, I did, the KRK's seemed to be preferred the most. I have now had them for almost 3 weeks and they're on some Auralex Mopads that kick it up a notch for only $30 bucks. They also aim the speakers down to me (or they can be aimed up, cool foam stuff!).

I use my keyboard's vol up/dn keys to control the level and have them both plugged into a surge protector that's easy to switch on/off w/ my feet. They have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to listening to them every day. Guitar Center has them on sale from time to time. They were a bit more than I originally intended to spend, but I've never heard such accurate and immersive sound before. These are by far my biggest jump into the audio world, I'm a relative noob.

Haha, it is, isn't it? I got curious and googled them. Found this in the reviews @ B&H...

This fella has the exact opposite opinion of yours. Here's a thread on where another fella says the "rokit is a terrible choice." There's also a couple nasty reviews on Amazon about the Rokit's...5 or 6, can't remember. Overall, I would say they're incredibly accurate. And this seems to put me into a daze when listening to them. Previous to this I would spend my ear time on some Sennheiser HD580's w/ a Little Dot MKIII tube amp. Those only get used for competitive gaming and super late night music listening. But I just sort of do it out of spite I need to find me something equivalent to the KRK's for my ears.

Those Alesis look pretty sweet though and I think I saw them for $200. Hours and hours of research and I don't ever remember those, lol. It just goes to show how many monitors are out there. I did see a pair of Yamaha 8 inch studio's w/ a white cone that seemed to get REALLY good reviews. They went for about $600 a pair and looked like they needed their own desk, haha!

The AV40's sound great, but the 4 inch driver and smaller box has too many limits. But they can be had for $100. My advice would be to try them and see how you like em. I don't know if you have any stores you can audition them in, but at least buy from a store w/ a solid return policy.

Guitar Center has both of these if you guys have them up there.

I never got the hum. But my Rokit's don't get along well w/ my HTC Thunderbolt. At first I thought there was something wrong w/ the right speaker, then I moved my phone over and it went away. They are very sensitive. I had to use cheater 3 to 2 plugs to get rid of the ground loop problem. It was the same w/ the Little Dot MKIII. Old apartment's probably partly to blame.

And you have all that desk space available to you. One power button located on the same speaker as a VOLUME KNOB IN THE FRONT, and IMO, some pretty sweet looking speakers.

Really, I think the only thing you can really do wrong here's Creative T40 Series II. I don't know, maybe they need burn in. But for the same price as the AV40's...well...
Wow... thanks for the detailed reply. Helps a lot. I think I'm just gonna wait for cheap Rokit 6's on craigslist.
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