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My System Specs


MSI's New Regional Manager for the West Coast is my Mentor and why I stayed in the PC business"He Used to be with Asus" I will talk with him Monday see what we can get you, MSI builds amazing systems but their RMA is a ******* joke.. Personal experience moment :P

I sent a laptop to RMA Laptop was black,
2 months later they send me a notice they are shipping my laptop back.
a white laptop with all of another persons data on it from Ontario shows up.
I call and complain to find where my laptop is.
They send me to their new Richmond office.
The ******* RMA girl gets mad at me cuz I can speak Fluent Chinese
At this point this Cali boy looses it and Says Racist remarks which to this point I still feel bad about and will never do again.
I call back and ask for a manager... The manager of the Richmond branch only speaks Chinese....
So I call the US branch they deal with everything, Send me a new laptop within 2 days "Dave Lee At MSI HQ you are awesome" and tell me to keep the other one so at this point in time I got 2 laptops from the US branch one that random persons and the other was a gaming laptop.
This ordeal took over 3 months to complete start to finish.
The company I worked for dropped MSI as a brand they would carry and I have never bought another MSI item since.

Now with Jeff C Leading MSI now from Asus I have Faith they will be the next best company to deal with. That guy is a ******* Genius and I would buy with faith anything he is selling.

Long story short you will have quotes Monday :P
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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