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Originally Posted by Jebusman View Post

And the paid shop will just be for cosmetic changes? This is everything I've wanted and more.
From my understanding you can get everything in game via playing the game. You can use microtransactions to speed some things up (IE, buying c-bills for skins, or increase your garage (number of mechs you can own). In the video OR on the forums, the devs. want all content to be available to all. They haven't released the what is avaialble to buy for real $$$, but they did point out that a person who doesn't pay them $1 can get the best mech, with the best gear. It WILL take them awhile to do it compared to a person who did spend some money, but if the two met up, the odds will be in the person who didn't spend the money because, well, they had to spend a TON more time fighting than the other person (where skill is normally developed).

The devs. were adamant that there would be no 'pay to win' type scenarios. I am thinking you can buy c-bills (which is ingame currency, skins, and maybe certain perks like 'increased XP for X hours', buy extra slots in your drop ship, etc).

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Saw this as GDC. It plays even better than it looks.
I so hate you, but in a good, friendly jealous sort of way.

I am SUPER curious how a multi-monitor setup would be supported in this.
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