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My System Specs

Default Any experience with Sony Vaio's? If not any suggestions?

I'll be honest I would never even look at these things until my buddy mentioned it and I thought as pure joke I would go check out what they had to offer. On paper, IT'S PERFECT for me although there is next to no information online about this specific model I'm looking at.

CTO | Customize | Sony Canada

I put in some upgrades and for under $1800 I'm getting a perfect machine. Battery life is suppose to be stellar which after doing my research, I can't find much that had some beefy power without sacrificing battery.

Only thing I'm curious about is anyone's experience with Vaio's. I don't know a single person who has ever owned one. The other thing kind of boggling my mind is how they offer a 2x 128 GB SSD option. These cannot be your standard 2.5' drives? Right?

All the reviews online are either out dated or for the basic model.

Apart from that can anyone give me some good laptop suggestions. I have a budget of about $2000. I need something I can take around school with me and last me a good half the day in classes. I know I want an SSD (if it doesn't come with one, then I will just buy one and install it myself) with about 200-250 GBs of storage. I need a decent graphics card as I do some gaming. I would just prefer to run Starcraft 2 on some higher settings. I would prefer a 13' but if I can find something in a bigger size, it won't matter all that much to me. And I need it to last me a good few years. I want to get my money's worth out of it.

I just need some suggestions, laptops I've once wanted all seem to have some major faults now that it's actually coming time to buy one.
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