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Default Bulding a HTPC - Been out of the loop


Its been a while since my last build, no time for gaming does that to you ! I am buying an HDTV soon and I want to build a HTPC but not for Tv recording purposes, I will have a free pvr for that.

What I want to be able to do :

- Playback physical DVD and blue ray.
- Playback media files (1080p and regular Def) On my laptop I am currently using VLC for all my playback needs and I like it but I am not closed to other options.
- Playback my extensive music collection For now, it will be hooked to my edifier speakers
- Listen to web radio
- Surf the web on my HDTV, I will need wireless keyboard and mouse for that.
- My son will play the occasionnal Web browser flash game.

What I have :
- Silverstone fortress FT02, thus limiting my form factor to MATX
- HDDs (I have about 3 tb sitting there doing nothing)
- unused windows 7 Pro license
- PC will be hooked directly to TV

What I need :
- DVD player/Blue ray combo
- Mobo/CPU/Ram and maybe a GPU if it is needed. For now most of my DVD/media collection is standard def. If a gpu is needed for bluray playback, I could buy the GPU later.
- For now, I wont be able to have a wired intenet connection, so wireless capabilities. I wont be streaming media content through the network since media will be stored on the PC.

Finally, I'd like to build AMD has I am aiming for best bang for the buck, (I dont want to do overkill here) but not closed to intel at all. Obviously, I wont overclock.

I am looking for hardware recommendation.

My HDTV will be


I dont think I missed everything. If so please ask question.

Sold hardware again.....
Currently using WHS hardware....
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