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Default Two Home Theatre (and PC) Issues

Well it looks like I have two separate issues going on with my entire home theatre set.

The first one is a minor one, right now I'm putting my htpc to sleep after about 15-20 mins of idling. The thing is it seems to want to always require me to push the power button to turn wake it back up. The case I have does not have the power button wired up, as well I'm used to just sleeping the hard drive so I would just move the mouse or tap the keyboard a couple of times to wake it.

How do I fix it for this, or is sleep/hibernate still utterly broken in Win 7? I am planning on looking through the manual for my board's bios to see if there is anything mentioned about wake on usb.

The second problem is a bit bigger. It seems that my receiver (Onkyo TX-SR508), which is about 1.5 years old (maybe closer to around a year and a few months) doesn't seem to want to play back the voice tracks of any audio that is set to DTS or Dolby, even though it supports it (and would play it in the past). I have tried this on three separate machines in several different programs (xbmc, vlc, winamp) with the same results.

The only thing I have not had the chance to do is test it with my 360 to see if it's the computers' set up or the receiver itself. I would also like to note that this issue occurs with the audio signal over hdmi as well as spdif.

Any help/advice would be great on both issues. I just hope the receiver isn't a dud as I don't know how long onyx's warranties are.
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