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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
I cant even picture what using school owned computers would be like, I can only imagine they would be vandalized like crazy.
Surprisingly not much. And if they do, it's usually re-imaged within the week.

Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
I think JD is going a little over the top, I'm assuming you're just 'toying' as it were with these, setting up domains and whatnot, not actually using them realistically.
Perhaps, but all I do is "toy" with VM's as well and I hate things being slow I have a Hyper-V box with an i5 2500k and 16GB RAM, and I have my desktop with VMware Workstation with my i7 920 and 12GB of RAM. Both definitely have some slowness at times which is just annoying for me at least, and that's only with about 4-5 VMs on each.

Running 12 VMs on a mobile CPU with low-frequency DDR3 (so less bandwidth), I can only imagine how crippling the performance will be. But I guess some people are more patient that I am
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